Ultrarunning and Toughness

Posted: June 18, 2013 by smrtnsasy in Uncategorized

here is an article with a quote from David Warady on how he felt about Richard during the Trans Am foot race

Northwest Ultrarunning

Toughest Runner You Know…

In a previous post, I wrote about Tom “Rogo” Rogozinski, an IUP runner, who was/is the toughest runner I know.   Apparently, I’m not alone in my thinking.    Not only has that post about Rogo been the most viewed on my site, it’s also generated some interesting comments (both on the blog and via my e-mail inbox).  

The most interesting, was the following, from David Warady:

David Warady //

I will personally attest to Tom’s toughness. Without a doubt, in my 20 years of racing, Tom Rogozinski and Richard Westbrook (4th in TA) were the toughest runners I’ve ever competed against.   Rogo’s 8hr, 59 mile stage, might be the most incredible individual effort in the 1992 TransAmerica race.

If anybody is qualified to deem somebody “tough” it would be Warady.   He won that 1992 TransAmerica race by nearly 6 hours:


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