Posted: March 30, 2015 by coachwestbrook in Daily Runs & Reflections

March 30, 2015 (Monday)

Today’s run was an easy 6.23 miles in the evening.  And, the evening had a cool edge to it and was enamored with colors bursting out all over.  Spring!

It was an evening run as opposed to my usual morning runs.  The morning was taken with preparation for an afternoon interview with the TV channel 30, Atlanta Public Broadcasting Station.  It was an interview about my running emphasizing the running streak and ultra running.

Trevor Keller, the narrator, asked some good questions and hit on things I had not thought of in a loooong time.  I answered the best I knew how at the time hoping all the time that I didn’t look or sound like a goof.  I’ll have to see the short program, This is Atlanta, which will be just a few minutes long, to see how goofy I actually was.  It is to be aired on April 18.

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