Posted: April 16, 2015 by coachwestbrook in Daily Runs & Reflections

A rainy day in Georgia, and I was in the house babysitting the 1-year old granddaughter, Rainbow.  My daily run was put off until the afternoon.  The rain had the girl and I in the house, and we played some kitchen soccer after I got some food down her.

The only problem was that in between the laughing and baby giggles, Rainbow would pickup the ball and run into another room.  She would fall down carrying the ball from laughing so hard.  She doesn’t quite understand the game yet.  Or, she has her own game.

Her mom came home, and I went out and ran 11.08 miles.  The timing was really great by putting me out there in the rain.  The day was already cooler so that led me to a cold, wet  run…not one of my favorite things to do.

But, as usual, the run turned out to be better than it should have been.  It was originally planned to be a 10-mile run, but I felt so good I added an extra mile.  

But, I was still cold and soaking wet.

  1. smrtnsasy says:

    Little giggly Rainbow, that’s my girl! She loves her time with Paw Paw.

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