LAVS 2015 Day 2 – 12 Hour Update

Posted: July 11, 2015 by smrtnsasy in Race Reports
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Vol State day 2, 12 hour check-in, Westbrook's location

Vol State day 2, 12 hour check-in, Westbrook’s location

On day 2 and his 12 hour check-in, Westbrook is at 81 miles approaching Parker’s Crossroads. In the screwed division he is in 26th place along with 2 other runners. As of this point, 6 runners total have dropped out of the race. 4 screwed and 2 crewed runners have quit, notice the gravestones on the map.

Also, I am editing the previous updates I have posted. I had Richard’s place wrong. I was reading the list in order when the names were mixed up by mileage. He began in 36th place at his 12 hour check-in, then moved to 19th place tied with one other runner by the 24 hour check-in. The next update is soon to follow.

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