Posted: July 23, 2015 by smrtnsasy in Race Reports
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Vol State final location for Westbrook

Vol State final location for Westbrook

OK, folks, here you go..the final update for Vol State. In Westbrook’s words he, “crashed and burned.” In reality, he was doing well with fewer breaks than in prior years and moving right along. He took a break in Manchester, TN to wait out a storm and eat a little. Not sure if it was gradual or all of a sudden but the back pain hit (similar but different than Peach State 300). He ran a little further out but continued to feel shooting pain with every step he took, so he had to walk back into Manchester.

He finished with a completion of 257 miles. There remained 57 miles to go until the end of the race. We had to pick him up as the storm made it’s way to our house and knocked out all of the power and internet for a little too long. So, after running so far and ending in pain, he had to come back to a house with no power.

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