Posted: April 14, 2016 by smrtnsasy in Race Reports
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Start of the Locomotion 12 Hour Race

Westbrook was one of 18 runners to start the 12 hour leg of the Locomotion 6 and 12 hour race consisting of 2 mile loops around Camp Jordan in East Ridge, Tennessee. The race started a little late at 7:33 am.


Westbrook at mile 26, Locomotion 12 Hour Race

Richard worked himself into 3rd place and held that until the finish. He completed 56 miles in a little under 12 hours. His goal was 50 miles so he exceeded his expectations after coming off of low mileage days with a hurt foot. One 20 miler was the furthest he ran in training prior to this race day. At first, he hoped to complete 30 miles, then 40, and onto 50. He ran ahead of pace on the warm and sunny day, albeit crazy headwinds on the starting side of the loop.


Westbrook finishing 3rd in the Locomotion 12 Hour Race


Richard Westbrook and his medal for the Locomotion 12 Hour Race


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  1. Hayley McCurdy says:

    Way to go, Coach!

  2. Jennifer Holloway says:

    Hi! Congrats on the Locomotion 12 Run! I need to talk to you- email me ASAP!

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