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I had an easy 3+ mile run today tapering down to the Strolling Jim 40-Mile Run this Saturday in Tennessee.  The race is actually 41.2 miles.  It is on the roads in Wartrace, Tennessee and is a tough race…which makes me wonder…

I have run this race several times over the years.  I remember how tough it is.  I remember how my quads burned in the severe hills early in the race.  I remember baking in the sun on stretches Tennessee asphalt.  I remember thinking they forgot to put out the aid stations as the miles seemed to get longer.  I remember the “walls,” a series of rolling hills late in the race that seemed to be there just to punish the runners (especially me.)  I remember finishing strong over the last two miles on my way to a victory (I have to reach way back for that memory.)

As I ran along in this cool morning, I wondered how I would do (as I normally think before a race) because of my recent training not being like it should be preparing for a race.  I had recovery time from an injured foot followed by a cold contracted from Rainbow, a granddaughter.

Interestingly, I read an article last week in ULTRARUNNING that was written by the Strolling Jim race director, Gary Cantrell.  It hit on the subject of race goals for the “runners with longevity” (which are old runners, like me.)  For those runners, he stated there were often multiple goals.  The first was “just finish” followed by “happy with” and culminating with “dream” goals.  This kept coming back to me as I ran today.

I think I fit into that genre.  I’m sure I will be on the starting line with the first (“just finish”)  goal in mind.  I hope I can progress to the second (“happy with”) goal.  I don’t think I can get to that third (“dream”) goal…just not prepared for that.  My mind bounced around all this as I ran easily through mile three to my finish.  We shall see how it goes on the hills of middle Tennessee


Do not fear going forward slowly; fear only to stand still.”

                                                                                                                           -Chinese Proverb

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