Posted: July 14, 2016 by smrtnsasy in Race Reports
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The Last Annual Vol State 2016 road race began this morning. The last weather report posted for the area from the LAVS 2016 facebook page was:

“tomorrow’s weather forecast has changed!
now they are calling for thunderstorms and 105 in union city
and thunderstorms and a mere 104 in martin.

probably ought to put an all-weather parka in those packs, vol staters”

No worries, Westbrook has a parka and will probably welcome any rain to cool the days down. He is running this year’s race with a different pack that has minimized the overall weight to 5.6 0r 5.8 lbs.


In previous years he ran with an 8 lb. pack, so the lighter the better, right? Unless he forgot any pertinent items. Let’s hope not!

There were 92 registered runners with 3 who DNS (did not start), leaving 89 competitors on the road. There are 26 crewed runners and 63 SCREWED (uncrewed-solo-without support, except for what they carry on their back) runners. As always, Westbrook is in the screwed division.

He will check in every 12 hours and I will post updates here and links on facebook. Keep him in your prayers and check in for any more news. Go, Richard!!!!

  1. Angela Bruce says:

    Good luck Richard!!

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