Posted: July 16, 2017 by smrtnsasy in Race Reports
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NUMBER 67 – As of 84 hours into the race, Westbrook has made it to Hohenwald, Tennessee and finished 145 miles. For now, he is in 39th place of the 67 screwed runners.

Richard called home again. He has not felt better at all and said the heat is ungodly! He is taking a break to see how he feels later in order to continue on. The pain in his hamstring is lingering and now his side/back is hurting. He is sure it is an electrolyte depletion so the plan is for rest and Gatorade. He had this happen before in two other ultra races (one being Vol State and the other a race across Georgia 2 years ago) and he was unable to finish, barely being able to walk.

Hopefully the rest helps and not sure how much Gatorade is needed to replenish the electrolytes lost. Wish him luck and keep him in your prayers. Tomorrow’s weather report for his area will be 89 degrees but feels like 92 degrees, 92% humidity and 10% chance of rain.

  1. Donna Scoggjns says:

    Go Coach!! You’re our hero! Praying for you to feel better and be able to thankful for these updates

  2. Mark Delgado says:

    Coach, don’t be afraid to focus on regrouping and taking a day to recover, after all, you have 10 days to finish! (Mrs. Westbrook, remind him!)

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