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APRIL 2, 2018 (MONDAY)

Today, I was running on the Silver Comet Trail starting at mile “0” in Smyrna.  Unlike the weekend, the SCT was sparse with people. So for me, that made my run that much better.  I like running alone.  That’s probably because I’m too slow to keep up with other runners…which would put me in solitude anyway.  So, I might as well like it.

A full promise of spring was evident on the trail with blooms and green bursting out all over.  Birds were evident represented by a lot of cardinals and sparrows.  A lone hawk flew about six feet over my head and across the trail to perch high on a tree and, I’m sure, was looking for prey.

My run was enjoyable on the multi-use trail which is one of my favorite sites at which to run.  I ran steadily with a goal of 12 miles but felt so good that I extended it to 15 miles.  There were a lot more cyclists than runners on the trail, but even with that, they were few and far between.

My only problem was that the water fountains at the start and at the 4.2 mile point were not working.  But, it was a small problem and didn’t change my run in any way.  Slow is slow any way you look at it.

It was the first day this year that I ran in a singlet.  The sun felt good and not hot on my skin.  Everything (except water fountains) worked out well to make it a memorable day of running at a great site for running. 

  1. Donna says:

    Love these posts! You keep inspiring me , my friend

  2. Nick Bryan says:

    Richard, glad to see you and Season still putting in the work. Seeing the photos of little peanut and her marathon with Season had a smile glued to my face. Miss and love you all regardless of current situations.

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