Posted: July 14, 2018 by smrtnsasy in Race Reports
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Richard Westbrook, number 94, LAVS 2018

At the 60 hour, 2 1/2 day, update 2 more screwed runners have dropped out – that totals 13 quitting for that division. 17 have quit all together. Westbrook is 43rd out of a remaining total of 80. He has 105 miles approaching Parsons.

Still have not heard from him but inquired on facebook if anyone has seen or spoken to him. These responses followed:

Benjamin Timoner, “He’s in pain but grinding through. Season, your dad is the toughest man i know. Huge respect for my friend, Westy. There’s just no quit in him.”

John Price, “ Season J. Westbrook most of us are hurting 1 hour off the ferry!” after my comment of saying it was too early to be hurting. 

Jan Redmond Walker, “….FYI, he is fine, trudging along, making do with what he’s dealing with.”

HUGE respect to EVERYONE out there making that daunting distance in the crazy, intense heat! If I weren’t insanely busy with nursing school I would at least be on the road somewhere to help in any way I can. Maybe next year.

~ Season



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