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WESTBROOK MADE IT! Everyone left, made it.

80 runners total completed the unforgiving 500K. Richard Westbrook finished at around 3:45ish am with a time of 9 days, 20 hours, 3 minutes, and 54 seconds. He was the last to finish and is now the only runner to have finished first and last for Vol State. His finishing quote:

“I’m never doing that again.”


Richard Westbrook at The Rock with BJ Timoner and Carl Laniak


Richard Westbrook and Juliet Brundige on their finishing thrones with BJ Timoner in the back


Carl, Simon, Jan, Juliet, Richard, and Ed


Carl giving Westbrook his finish awards


The broken toe post 314 miles


Broken toe post race, some skin break


Post 500K


Post 500K

  1. David Warady says:

    Congratulations Coach.

  2. William Bryan says:

    Congrats Coach. You’re a tougher runner with a broken toe than most of us are with two good feet!

  3. Patty Kraemer says:

    Way to Go Coach sorry about your foot that looks like it really hurts and Congrats on at least finishing the race

  4. Phillip McKibbin says:

    Hey coach. Any advice for a run of that magnitude? I want to run across Colorado in the next couple of years.

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