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This is probably hard to believe for some (or most) of the people who know me, but the fact is…for most of my runs in which 99.9 percent are run alone (which I prefer), I talk to God.  I assume he hears me, but I don’t know for sure.  I would like to say that I have a conversation with God, but I don’t think he talks back to me.  I’m not real sure about that either.  I have thoughts darting into my head, and that may be God talking to me.  I just don’t know.  If it is God, it can get pretty interesting. 

My runs lately are slightly different.  Now, not only do I talk to God, but I talk to my son, Casey.  I share his humor, we share memories.  I tell him how much I love him.  I tell him how proud I am of his good heart, his intelligence, his curiosity. his creativity, his passion for his art, his love for his family…especially for his mother and especially for his daughter, Sera.

Today was Casey’s birthday.  Casey is walking with God.  I’ll see you later, son.







  1. Truman Smith says:

    I had no idea! Sorry and happy at the same time.

  2. Hayley says:

    You got me in the heartstrings, Coach! I’m glad that running serves you so well, especially in times like these. May God bless you on all your runs.

  3. Jim Barnes says:

    I am sorry for your lost.

  4. blacklion2 says:

    Beautiful,Richard.Yes, you will see him again and I just know you are heard by the One who created Casey.With love,Sharon Graham

  5. Hey coach Westbrook. I was never one of your runners at lovejoy but rather I found my love for running much later in life. I did know your son Casey. We were in art class together and graduated in 99 together. We spoke a lot even while he was in college. Over the years we lost contact and occasionally spoke on Facebook. He taught me many things and I always enjoyed his company and pestering him.
    I speak to my grandmother while I run. I can totally relate to what you said in your blog. I just came across your blog and this post. I wanted to say hello and sending prayers. Maybe I will say hi to Casey on my next run.

    Kat von Hacke
    (Kat Kelly LHS 99)

    • coachwestbrook says:

      Kat…tiny runner kat (interesting name)…I read your remarks concerning Casey. I really appreciate them. I hope you did and will talk to Casey on your runs.

      And, I’ve read you postings on your blog (and will continue to do so). Your story is a good read and I will look forward for more. I hope your therapy all comes to a good end and releases you to run happy and well.
      Keep in touch.
      (Richard Westbrook)

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