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Well, here we are again, the 2019 Last Annual Vol State Road Race consisting of 314 miles (500K) from Missouri into Kentucky, through Tennessee, to finish in Castle Rock, Georgia. The race is run in July for the hottest temperatures to navigate through. This race began as a small race with very few people even knowing about it. Now, all the towns run through are aware of the race and set up plenty of aid stations with goodies to provide to the runners. These Road Angels help tremendously, but don’t mistake me, the running and heat can still get the best of many competitors every year.

This year began with a bang with no injuries to report for Westbrook, although the scheduled vans to take them to the start were late, so the dinner before the race was missed. I hope he got some sort of sustenance that evening. Richard ran to begin the race. He stopped for a rest along the roadside somewhere and fell asleep to wake to 6 other runners who had joined him in his spot. He just woke and continued on running, letting the others enjoy their rest.

The race began at 0730 last Thursday morning, July 11, 2019. After 12 hours into the race, Westbrook ran 32 miles and had 62 at 24 hours. RW reported in for 75 miles for 36 hours when he admitted to having a “rough day” due to low electrolytes. That was followed by 100 miles for 48 hours. At this point he did reveal having some side cramping causing him to lean to the side as he has had in some past races. He is eating salt packets when he has access to them. I hope they are enough! For the 60 hour check-in, he was at 118 miles after taking shelter from the rain. The following mileage has been covered at each 12 hour check-in:  Hour 72 – 130 miles and Hour 84 – 159 miles.

Richard Westbrook, number 82, at mile 164 for the 96 hour check-in for 2019 Lavs

For the latest 96 hour check-in, Westbrook has traversed 164 miles and is in Hampshire. He did call later in the day to say he was feeling very tired and drained to realize he had not eaten all day. He arrived at a regular aid station that he was counting on, only to find all the food had been eaten already and no more put out. He did say he was approaching Columbia and will find some food there. He better! Who runs many miles in the extreme heat and forgets to eat? Richard Westbrook does, that’s who.

I was late getting started on these updates for Dad. When I got to where I could sit and post, there was no internet. NOTE: DO NOT RUN OVER THE FIBER OPTIC INTERNET/CABLE CORD WHILE MOWING THE LAWN. (FYI: it was not me!) And of course on the weekend no one was coming out. Great, just great! I will be on track now with updates every 12 hours as long as he checks in and I am able to track him. Hmmmm, considering implanting a chip in him while he sleeps so I can track him whenever needed. Stay tuned for more to come and pray for all the runners out there.

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