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Not so great news today. I was reading the Last Annual Vol State Road Race facebook page to learn that somewhere in Columbia one of the runners in the race was hit by a Dodge Caravan and the driver didn’t stop. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT! Fortunately, the runner was not hurt. “The construction worker said it was safest to walk up the middle of the street” (news courtesy of Cherie Titus McCafferty).

I spoke to Dad last night. He said everything was terrible. Not only is his waist area hurting and making him lean left, but something bit his left foot causing it to be “swollen like a bullfrog.” He didn’t sound bad but was not feeling the best. Westbrook said he was somewhere between Lewisburg and Shelbyville. He actually called to check on his granddaughter, “Rainbow.” He knew she had her tonsil/adenoidectomy yesterday and wanted to see how she was feeling. Everything that is going on with him and he is concerned about her. He is such a good Paw Paw! She is doing fine, by the way.

Westbrook is maintaining 72nd in a field of 91 screwed runners. He has run 210 miles and is approaching Wheel. TWO THIRDS OF THE WAY DONE! We have not heard from him yet today. I know he is having trouble keeping his phone charged. Hopefully he found a place to recharge his phone and himself, as he wished for last night.

I will keep you informed so check back in soon.

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  1. Donna says:

    Thanks for these updates..he is so inspiring!! I hope that pain isn’t appendix??? I’m praying for that man..great friend.. superior athlete.

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