Posted: July 18, 2019 by smrtnsasy in Race Reports
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As of this morning at 0730 and 168 hours into the race, Westbrook is passed Wartrace at mile 239. One more screwed runner has quit the race. This places Westbrook 79th out of a total 90 screwed runners.

An article about the race was also picked up and written in the Carroll County, Tennessee newspaper. This race has become FAR more well known these days with articles and so many Road Angels providing pit stops with drinks and snacks. Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 7.36.39 PMScreen Shot 2019-07-17 at 7.37.29 PM

A screen shot of the newspaper article above. Here is a link to the electronic edition of the paper where one can read the article:


LAVS 2019 Richard Westbrook with Road Angel, Kimberly Garrard (photo credit: Kimberly Garrard)

Earlier in the race, a Road Angel, Kimberly Garrard, snapped a picture with Westbrook. She had this comment to make: “The past few days have been amazing as I got to meet some awesome people, with amazing stories, and determination to finish! Y’all are truly inspiring!!!” I know all the runners greatly appreciate all these people helping them in all different ways even if it is just a chair or cot to relax in/on for a bit.

Let’s all continue to pray for the runners still on the road. The heat is grueling. The humidity is stupid high. The storms are lingering. The traffic is unsafe. Soooo many reasons to call it a day but they tough it out physically and mentally every second of every day until July 21 – the 10th and final day! 10 days to cover 314 miles is craziness. But, don’t we all have a little crazy in us?

~ Season


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