Posted: July 10, 2020 by smrtnsasy in Race Reports



After 24 hours into the race, Westbrook has moved on up into 25th place overall with a total of 60 miles, past McKenzie. He called his wife, Jan, yesterday and according to their brief conversation, “It was 108 degrees yesterday. A lot of the usual food places he was counting on were closed so he’s having to hunt food. I just talked to him and he sounded good.”

After being a long time veteran of this race one becomes familiar with the restaurants and sleep areas available along the route. People living in the areas have learned all about the race and support the runners by having tents and coolers near the roadside for refreshments and shade, or simple rest areas. These are wonderful things to count on because as an unsupported competitor, all you have is what you carry in the small pack on your back. Food is not one of these items, trying to minimize as much as possible to reduce weight.

With Covid-19 this year we were not even sure if the race was happening. Runners hope to come upon a restaurant or store during it’s hours of operation. Unfortunately, with the virus, many may not be open at all this year. The “Road Angels” who normally set up their tents may not be as populated either with their own viral concerns.

More updates to follow. Let’s see how these crazy runners fair in this insane heat and limited circumstances for support. Keep them all in your prayers and best wishes!

  1. Kimberly Atkins says:

    Richard is the one who gave me the idea to do Vol State 2019. Best wishes for a good run!


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  2. David Warady says:

    Please tell my hero, King Richard, that all of us out in California are pulling for him.

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