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I started the morning run into a headwind coming out of the north-northwest. It’s a common weather characteristic in the northwest corner of Georgia in the fall of the year. I ran north on U.S. 27 highway before turning west. The U.S. 27 highway was like a big wind tunnel with the wind barrelling down on me pushing me back. But, I soldiered on…slowly but surely.

Turning west on a side road, I ran into farm land and headed for a series of hills. The wind was then coming at me from my right and bashing my right side off and on. I approached the hills with different attitudes and different speeds. Some of the hills were short and steep. Others were longer and gradual. I don’t know which was worse. I do know that I felt pretty tired as I crested each type of hill. Which was worse? I still dunno.

A common occurance came up. I had to “pee.” I was now along side farms nestled in the hills. And, I knew just where to take my bladder break. There was ramshackle shed ahead in the upcoming curve. I would dip in there for relief as I had done before.

Whoa! My relief plans were to be delayed. The aforementioned shed that I had used before was now fenced up and had hogs all over the place. Grunting, groaning, mashing in the mud, and munching corn. So, my relief came after about an eighth of a mile behind some bushes.

I could still smell the hogs.

On I ran headed around toward the golf course. It was a pleasant stretch with only three houses along the road. While approaching the last house, I spied a child’s coloring book on the road…which was a little unusual in this area.

The coloring book was named “MY FRIEND HIPPO,” and was full of hippo pictures. I had tussled the book with my foot opening it to the various pages. I saw that all the hippos were colored…each one a different color…blue, pink, red, yellow, purple, black, green, orange, and some colors I couldn’t name. And, some were a rainbow of colors. You had never seen hippos like these! But, the child that colored them had seen them in his or her imagination. Such is the wonder of a child!

And, I thought about that as I ran back into the town of Trion. Truly, imagination is a wonderful and miraculous characteristic of humans. I can picture a little girl with her mind adrift seriously coloring the hippos.

It was a great day under bright blue skies and brisk air. The run was good…but, I am still sooo slow.

(Richard Westbrook)

  1. Truman Smith says:

    Enjoyed reading your Tuesday run story. We need to go for a run together. Perhaps an historical event would be confirmed. The event being ….. I could finally beat Richard Westbrook in one aspect of running. I’m willing to wager that my running pace is slower than your “sooo slow” pace. Would love to have that victory information pasted on the CTC’s Long Runners Wall. I can see it now, a “Slowest Pace” category …… #1) Truman Smith, #2 Richard Westbrook …… how cool is that! Lol.
    Stay safe out there!

    • coachwestbrook says:

      I don’t know, Truman. I really feel confident that I would reign supreme in the “Slowest Pace” category…so slow that onlookers think I’m just standing there.

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