Posted: July 10, 2021 by smrtnsasy in Race Reports, Uncategorized
Westbrook at The Overlook (photo credit to Carl Laniak)

This morning, 48 hours in, Westbrook is at Parker’s Crossroads with 86 miles. The race started with 106 competitors. The tracking site does not record the divisions this year so not sure who is crewed or screwed. We only look at the screwed runners considering the race far more difficult without support. Thus far, 14 runners have dropped out of the race. In total, Westbrook is in 61st place. I will work on trying to determine who is in which division for later updates.

Richard gets to take a nice break and enjoy some fresh watermelon. Love these “Road Angels” set up to help the runners along the way!

Westbrook at aid station at the Gleason Fire Station. (Photo credit to Kim Montgomery)

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