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5 1/2 days into the race 24 screwed runners have quit. It has been record high temperatures this year. 67 are still in the unsupported division of the race with Westbrook in 62nd. He is hoping to finish still as the course grows more difficult and he manages his pain. Currently, 185 miles behind him, he is now past Columbia.

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 10.37.44 PM“Bench of Hope” at “Mack’s” Whiteside Market in Hampshire, TN. Photo from Melinda Whiteside Guettner. (Edward Masuoka on the “Bench of Despair.” Richard Westbrook in the white singlet)




Four days down and over halfway there. Westbrook was actually over halfway as of the last update, but I forgot to mention it. At this point 4 more screwed runners have quit. Westbrook is currently 23rd out of 46 remaining screwed runners. He has 181 miles and is past Columbia with one other runner.

The next main area for Westbrook to reach is Culleoka, Tennessee where it is currently 86 degrees but feels like 96 degrees, and the humidity at 72 percent. This afternoon it will reach 94 degrees with a 40 percent chance of rain and thunderstorm. Maybe it will cloud over and rain to cool everyone down a bit.

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PAST THE HALFWAY POINT, Richard has completed 175 miles and is approaching Columbia as of his day 4 nightly check-in. One more runner in Richard’s unsupported division dropped out today. He has moved up in his division to currently hold 10th place out of 43 runners.  Stay with us for more updates!

Day 4 check-in evening

Day 4 check-in evening

Day 4 check-in evening

Day 4 check-in evening

The results thus far have Westbrook 18th overall but it looks as though a relay team may have dropped out making him 17th overall. Out of the individual/unsupported runners, Westbrook is in 11th place. At check-in time Westbrook was in Columbia but reported planning on making it to Glendale and the Bench of Despair sometime tonight.

We will see where he is in the morning. Our update will not be posted here until late afternoon.