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NUMBER 67 – One more runner in the solo group dropped out, leaving Westbrook holding steady in 32nd place out of 67 total in the screwed division. He has 134 miles behind him and is past Linden, Tennessee.

Thus far 4 crewed/supported runners have quit the race. At this point more screwed runners have dropped out but usually it is the other way around. Here is an explanation from Lazarus Lake on the Last Annual Vol State Road Race facebook page:

“another example why crewed runners quit more often than screwed.
james allen called for a ride yesterday,
but there was none close,
and he had no choice but to move on while he waited….

he is still out there, and past 100 miles this morning.

ultrarunners everywhere could learn from this.
most of the time the only reason you *dont* finish
is because you *can* quit when you want.”

And also from the facebook page is another photo of people offering support to the members of the race. Wonderful to see how people come together and want to be a part of it all and help.

“We are anxiously waiting for runners at about mile 186 in Culleoka, a few miles past the bench of despair! We hope to meet you and encourage you as you pass thru if we are at home, but if not please help yourself to the goodies and take a rest! Best of luck to all and we are praying for your safety!”

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Four days down and over halfway there. Westbrook was actually over halfway as of the last update, but I forgot to mention it. At this point 4 more screwed runners have quit. Westbrook is currently 23rd out of 46 remaining screwed runners. He has 181 miles and is past Columbia with one other runner.

The next main area for Westbrook to reach is Culleoka, Tennessee where it is currently 86 degrees but feels like 96 degrees, and the humidity at 72 percent. This afternoon it will reach 94 degrees with a 40 percent chance of rain and thunderstorm. Maybe it will cloud over and rain to cool everyone down a bit.

Vol State day 4, 24 hour check-in, Westbrook's location

Vol State day 4, 24 hour check-in, Westbrook’s location

Westbrook is definitely feeling better and moving along. He has covered 193 miles and is just past Culleoka, TN. In the screwed (unsupported) division he is holding 9th place. Way to go!

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As day 5 arrived, more runners have dropped out of the race leaving the unsupported “screwed” division at a total of 38 runners. At his initial check-in for the day, Richard is 13th place and somewhere past Culleoka having finished 193 miles.

Richard reported that he has been trying to run through the night since it is much cooler. Yesterday the temp reached a miserable 98 degrees. Searching for some much needed fuel to continue, he waited outside a local diner for them to open in the early morning. Luckily, the woman arrived an hour before opening explaining how she woke and could not return back to sleep so she just came on to open up. She began cooking early and fed Richard until he began his journey again.

Brooks Pure Flow 2 Running Shoe

Brooks Pure Flow 2 Running Shoe in Westbrook’s Color

Westbrook is running this 314 miles (500k) in his trusty old Brooks Flow II. He says he cannot say enough about those shoes. Most of the runners he has come into contact with have complained about their shoes and needed to tape up their feet in order to get by. They asked and could not believe that Westbrook has not had any foot problems what so ever. Great shoes lead to a better run.

Around 9:30-9:45 this morning Richard was taking a break and having some vanilla ice cream that he claimed to be very delicious and wants homemade vanilla ice cream when he returns home after this race. To cool off again, around 2pm today he was in Lewisburg enjoying a cherry slush. I hope it helped!

Wish him luck to get through this heat and finish the race. We will update again soon.