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Darden Pentecostal Church’s tent to aid runner’s – from Last Annual Vol State Road Race facebook page

Every year it seems more and more people come out to support the runner’s of Vol State. There are signs and tents set up at local businesses, in open fields on the roadside, and people’s homes and yards welcoming runner’s to help themselves to fruit, snacks, fluids, a place to rest and possibly some aid if needed. This year, depicted in the above photo, the Darden Pentecostal Church set up to help with a sign reading,

“Welcome Runners

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you”

“Good Luck”

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NUMBER 67 – Westbrook has checked-in for 60 hours. He has covered 113 miles and is right at the Tennessee River. Still in the screwed division of 68 runners strong, RW has moved on up into 32nd place tied with three other runners.

No call home from him today so not sure how he is feeling as of now. The weather has been a nightmare I am sure. Maybe he is resting or too busy trucking along through the night.