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Posted: July 13, 2018 by smrtnsasy in Race Reports
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Last Annual Vol State race route


The initial 12 hours had Westbrook in Martin, TN. He text he was there, saying “Not good,” with this photo attached. Still no news on what happened.

Richard Westbrook’s foot during LAVS 2018

24 hours into the race, he is past Gleason, TN at 53 miles. Last report is he has had to resort to walking with his foot. Not too sure how this is going to go for him. Westbrook is number 94 on the map.

LAVS 2018

~ Season

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 12.25.07 PM

Shown as number 67 on the map – 24 hours into the race and Westbrook has completed 50 miles and just past Gleason, Tennessee. Still running with a hurt hamstring he has crept into 52nd place, tied with two other runners. He continues to push forward.



Day one is complete. Per the update, Westbrook has finished 61 miles and is past Mckenzie. In the screwed division Westbrook has moved up to 27th place. The map above has him listed as 41st place, but that is out of all the competitors combined to include the crewed runners. We are only concerned with the screwed division. It is a whole other type of race with no support on the road.

This update is from 7:30 am. Westbrook called home to check-in this morning as well. As of 9:50 am, he had completed 65 miles and was just past Huntington. He continued moving through the night with only 30 minutes sleep behind him, saying he wanted to go on while it was still on the cooler side. He intends to get a bit more sleep sometime today.

Here a couple of pictures from the Last Annual Vol State facebook page:

The start of LAVS 2016

The start of LAVS 2016


Local people know they are coming, yay!