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Route from Dahlonega to Savannah

Route from Dahlonega to Savannah

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Route from Savannah to Tybee Island

Richard is running from Dahlonega, Ga to the light house on Tybee Island. The race, which has never been attempted before, is set for 5 days completion. There is no aid or support along the way. He is completely on his own and even picked out his route totaling 293.7 miles The race design is simply run from Dahlonega to Tybee and pick your own way. This should be interesting.

The race began at Hiker’s Hostel in Dahlonega, Ga this morning at 7am. Initially there were 11 runners entered but the final result were 7 present at the hostel to make the challenge. The youngest runner is a 25 year old male; and the eldest is Richard at 68. Other runners are crewed except Richard. Good luck to all!

Hiker's Hostel in Dahloega, Ga

Hiker’s Hostel in Dahloega, Ga


Richard at Hiker’s Hostel