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Westbrook is number 94 on map above. As of hour 36 in the race, he has accomplished 70 miles and is past Huntingdon, TN. One runner within the screwed division apparently never started so that dropped that division total to 97 competitors. In addition, 5 screwed runners have dropped out thus far. Richard is holding at 57th place, with his hurt left foot. Still no idea what happened, but he is continuing on. The heat is miserable as others have noted while out there on the road. Yesterday the heat index was 106 and today a runner reported, “It is 100F plus with a heat index of 115. It might be a little bit hot out there. Heat coming off the asphalt makes it even worse and it’s hard to breathe.” #volstate2018

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NUMBER 67 – 36 hours later, Westbrook has scooted along into 48th (tied with two others) in the screwed division. He is at mile 72 and past Huntingdon, Tennessee. He trudges along with a painful hamstring fully intending to make the cut off time. Thus far, out of the initial 73 unsupported runners, 5 have dropped out of the race. One more attempted to quit but has now begun moving along again, leaving 68 in the solo running category.

Vol State 24 hour check-in, Westbrook's location

Vol State 24 hour check-in, Westbrook’s location

A little after midnight Richard was in Gleason, TN taking a 1/2 hour break…”feeling ok…break over…headed toward Mckenzie.” His official 24 hour check-in put him at 64 miles, past Mckenzie. At that point he was 19th in the screwed division (28th overall). Around an hour or so later, he was in Huntingdon for breakfast. I hope he ate a good meal to fuel him on in this high heat of July.

The last time the race coordinators see Richard running until the end, so they take a picture.

The last time the race coordinators see Richard running until the end, so they take a picture. 20 miles in at Union City, Tennessee.

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At the first check-in for day 2, Richard has covered 67 miles and is in Huntingdon. He holds the 15th position in the uncrewed division along with 5 other fellow runners. Richard called and reported to his wife, Jan, that he was taking it slow since he had a rather larger breakfast today…6 eggs, toast, 2 orange juices, and chocolate milk. How can he run after that?