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One week behind them and 3 days left to complete the 500K, or 314 miles, to The Rock! 57th out of 59 total, Westbrook remains ahead of Oprah. He remains in pain with a toe that is probably broken since the night before the race began. He said it is impossible to run now with the injury, and is walking to make it to the finish.


He is at mile 223 in Shelbyville. YAYYYYYY, LESS THAN 100 MILES REMAINING! 28 screwed runners have quit and 33 total have dropped out, throughout the race. He is doing all he can to make it but will need SERIOUS recovery time when it is all over. Considering he maintains a streak of running at least a mile every day, he will not be completely off of his foot to heal. He will ALWAYS get in that mile if he can not do more, no matter, rain, snow, ice, illness, injury, or broken bones.

Wish him luck and pray he makes it safely!

~ Season


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As of 7:30 this morning, Richard is back out there with many others for the LAVS 2018 road race – all 314 miles. There are 101 unsupported “SCREWED,” runners. Westbrook is in this division, as always. They are allowed 10 days to complete the race with only what they choose to carry along the way.

Braylee “Rainbow” Westbrook wearing her Paw Paw’s pack for Vol State

For tracking sake, Westbrook is number 94. I will post maps and updates of where he is along the way whenever I can, hopefully daily. It will be a severely hot, grueling 314 miles. Keep him and the other participants in your prayers. Check in later for more information.

~ Season Westbrook