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WESTBROOK MADE IT! Everyone left, made it.

80 runners total completed the unforgiving 500K. Richard Westbrook finished at around 3:45ish am with a time of 9 days, 20 hours, 3 minutes, and 54 seconds. He was the last to finish and is now the only runner to have finished first and last for Vol State. His finishing quote:

“I’m never doing that again.”


Richard Westbrook at The Rock with BJ Timoner and Carl Laniak


Richard Westbrook and Juliet Brundige on their finishing thrones with BJ Timoner in the back


Carl, Simon, Jan, Juliet, Richard, and Ed


Carl giving Westbrook his finish awards


The broken toe post 314 miles


Broken toe post race, some skin break


Post 500K


Post 500K

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Westbrook has gone 276 miles and is over Monteagle. He was hurting badly, trying to make it over that mountain. He called last night, hearing that storms were coming through, to see if he would be able to take a break for his foot and shelter if needed. At the time he was right with Oprah and I don’t think he was planning on a break. I did tell him, per Carl at the race, that he probably could take a 2 hour break if needed and still be on track. He liked that but, being right there, I don’t think he could have…especially now seeing he is behind.

I know the weather last night involved rain and a lot of very consistent heat lightening. I woke up in the night and was amazed at how quickly the lightening was flashing. All I could think was how he might be doing out there on the road. I considered driving out to check on him, maybe encourage him along the way. Any aid from myself would disqualify him, and it may make him feel worse having someone there who can not help.

Again, people all along the route are aware of the race and love to do what they can to help. Pictures from welcoming signs along the route, compliments of John Price:



Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 1.28.30 PM

With 48 hours remaining, Westbrook has accomplished 252 miles and is past Manchester. One more participant dropped out so that is a total of 34 who have quit.

I received a call from Mom while in class today about Dad. He called her to tell her something rather than her seeing it on facebook or somewhere. His latest news:

He was walking and stepped on something with his injured foot which made him jump. He landed on slick grass with his other foot and ended up falling down a 10 foot embankment. Luckily, BJ Timoner was around and laid on the road to try and pull him up. Since it was at night, EMTs noticed the light from his headlamp go off the road and downhill so they stopped. He said they basically brushed him off and he continued on…

This man! He needs a babysitter out there, lol. Monteagle is coming up and will definitely be murder on his foot! Stay tuned to see how this all turns out. Keep him in your prayers. Not sure if his drive and persistence is a good or bad thing in this case.


~ Season

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6.5 days in, there are 60 unsupported runners left in the race. 29 screwed runners have dropped out. Westbrook is in Wheel at mile 212 and in 58th place. He is tired of hurting and just tired, he says, while at Dairy Queen having an ice cream. He just wants to remain ahead of Oprah and not become a tombstone. Let’s hope not.

More coming tomorrow.

~ Season

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NUMBER 94 on the map still with 164 miles, Westbrook slept last night and is on the road again today. He planned on sleeping behind a church but then realized they opened the doors for the runners, so he slept comfortably inside. He is in pain but still hanging in there. He is 64th out of 68 screwed competitors. 22 total screwed runners quit.


A great poem by Shawn Cox Sumner’s daughter that was posted on the Last Annual Vol State facebook page.

Another update after 7:30 pm. Stay with us and pray for all out there on the road.

~ Season


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1 more screwed runner dropped out, 69 left for now. Richard is 48th place with 164 miles in Hampshire.

Some check-in quotes from the runners. Out of the many, these are my favorite:

“I’m really ok , just leave me in the street, I’m really all good, I just can’t get up, I’m almost all good.”

“So many cemeteries on this stretch. Must resist joining the dead!”

“Lost my underwear.”

“Met an older couple that had celebrated their 60th birthday back in March… They asked all about what we were doing. As they were leaving, and he made the comment after looking back-and-forth between my wife and I… I guarantee that you’re going to lose more weight then she will! LOL”

“I’m 1/3 done!…Wait, I’m only 1/3 done?!”

“Fat Man’s declined my credit card. Really? Fat Man’s?”

“Slept in a Walmart parking lot. Officially part of the “people of Walmart”. I’m making my family proud.”

Keep it up everyone. I am sure the crazy is settling in now, if it didn’t before. Run through it and make it to the rock!

~ Season




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4 days behind them now, a total of 20 runners have dropped out of the screwed division. There is currently 70 still in the race. Richard maintains 43rd position. As of this morning’s check-in at 0730, Westbrook has 152 miles complete and is approaching Natchez Trace Parkway.

Nice people along the route leave aid when and if they can. Sheryl Patterson Butler posted this photo stating, “I do not live on the route, but I wanted to encourage and support in some small way. Hope this has helped! Between Culleoka and Moorseville.” Family members tracking their runners, and some runners, commented and thanked her for the aid. It is truly awesome to see the support that comes out in people along the way. – Good ‘ole country folk. I hope Dad saw this and it possibly helped him and many other runners. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 7.16.50 PM

Good luck to everyone out there on the road and the people at home worrying about them. May they all finish healthy and happy.

~ Season

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This evening the update is 16 runners have dropped out to leave 74 total in the screwed division where Westbrook is in 43rd position. He has 137 miles behind him and is past Linden.

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 9.40.57 PM


Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 9.52.14 PM



~ Season


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Richard Westbrook, number 94, LAVS 2018

At the 60 hour, 2 1/2 day, update 2 more screwed runners have dropped out – that totals 13 quitting for that division. 17 have quit all together. Westbrook is 43rd out of a remaining total of 80. He has 105 miles approaching Parsons.

Still have not heard from him but inquired on facebook if anyone has seen or spoken to him. These responses followed:

Benjamin Timoner, “He’s in pain but grinding through. Season, your dad is the toughest man i know. Huge respect for my friend, Westy. There’s just no quit in him.”

John Price, “ Season J. Westbrook most of us are hurting 1 hour off the ferry!” after my comment of saying it was too early to be hurting. 

Jan Redmond Walker, “….FYI, he is fine, trudging along, making do with what he’s dealing with.”

HUGE respect to EVERYONE out there making that daunting distance in the crazy, intense heat! If I weren’t insanely busy with nursing school I would at least be on the road somewhere to help in any way I can. Maybe next year.

~ Season



Comments from other runners in the race, from the Last Annual Vol State facebook page for some input on the weather:

Last night Rich Flint reported, “11:39 pm. 81 deg. Thank god it has cooled down.”

Today from John Price, “Clarksburg, 77 mile, is currently at 100 degrees and 81 dewpoint ( I don’t believe the dewpoint). It’s still two hours before solar noon and no clouds. :-(“

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 1.56.23 PM

Westbrook number 94 in LAVS 2018 Road Race

This morning’s check-in at 48 hours in, Richard was at 88 miles just past Parker’s Crossroads. Six more competitors have dropped out of the screwed division totaling 11 to have quit for now. (4 other crewed runners have quit as well). The current total for the screwed runners is at 82 with Westbrook in 49th position. It is crazy hot and who REALLY knows how he is doing out there.