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Westbrook is now 26th place with 208 miles in, just past Lewisburg, Tennessee. In Lewisburg the current temperature is 91 degrees but with the humidity it feels like 104 degrees. Oh, God bless! Stay hydrated, runners, and seek shade whenever and wherever you can find it!

Westbrook says he feels terrible and it is incredibly hot out there. He and another runner just finished eating. He is coming into Shelbyville, Tennesee and says the rest of the way is wide open and will be HOT! The runners are all suffering.

The Last Annual Vol State 2016 road race began this morning. The last weather report posted for the area from the LAVS 2016 facebook page was:

“tomorrow’s weather forecast has changed!
now they are calling for thunderstorms and 105 in union city
and thunderstorms and a mere 104 in martin.

probably ought to put an all-weather parka in those packs, vol staters”

No worries, Westbrook has a parka and will probably welcome any rain to cool the days down. He is running this year’s race with a different pack that has minimized the overall weight to 5.6 0r 5.8 lbs.


In previous years he ran with an 8 lb. pack, so the lighter the better, right? Unless he forgot any pertinent items. Let’s hope not!

There were 92 registered runners with 3 who DNS (did not start), leaving 89 competitors on the road. There are 26 crewed runners and 63 SCREWED (uncrewed-solo-without support, except for what they carry on their back) runners. As always, Westbrook is in the screwed division.

He will check in every 12 hours and I will post updates here and links on facebook. Keep him in your prayers and check in for any more news. Go, Richard!!!!