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Well, well, well, Westbrook told me a while back that he had lost his turn sheet information for the course. At first I thought, he as run this so many times surely he knows the course. I asked and he reassured me that he knew where to go. Then I considered, how the hottest July ever coupled with the lack of sleep, enduring pain, and so forth, can induce some level of delirium. What if he is completely confused at some point and gets lost along the way? What if he is walking along in a zombie like daze and walks right passed a turn and unknowingly continues on the wrong route for a good distance?

Unfortunately, he DID get lost, twice. Two other runners happened upon him and realized he was lost and confused. They took him with them to ensure he was on the right path once again. He said they talked and argued with one another and then moved ahead. Westbrook did not have cell phone service to check in so the race admin did not have him on the tracking sheet or map. Once I spoke to him I had to tell him to also check in.

Collectively, we have him at mile 291 just passed Tracy City. He is 79th out of the 89 screwed total. Sandra, from the race admin contacted me to say he is at Steve Smalling’s house and safe. Steve annually has a fantastic aid and rest area for the runners set up. Hopefully, Westbrook can rest for a bit and gather himself enough to make it to the finish without adding extra miles.

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