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LAVS 2016 – DAY 6 AND 1/2 UPDATE

Westbrook is at mile 250 in Manchester, Tennessee. 64 miles to go! It is 104 degrees with no shade around. He is hanging in there, trying to make it to the finish. Right now, Westbrook is 29th out of 43 screwed runners. Hopefully no more blisters or other major problems. Bring it on home!



Westbrook reported in for this update, however, they did not record his location on the map. He is between numbers 87 and 70. At check-in time, 7:30 this morning, he was at mile 236 just past Wartrace, Tennessee. Another screwed runner dropped out leaving 43 on the road. Westbrook is 27th in that group.

Sometime after this morning’s update, Westbrook called home to check-in as well. No more news on how he is feeling, very tired and a bit delirious I believe. He did report being at mile 239 approaching US 41 where he takes a right to head into Manchester, Tennessee. Last year, Manchester was where he ran into all of his problems. Let us see how it goes this year! Wish him luck!