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Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 1.24.29 PMWestbrook is identified as number 67 in the white highlighted circle on the map above. As of 12 hours in, he is at mile 27, approaching Martin, Tennessee. Currently Richard is tied with two other runners for 68th place among the unsupported “screwed” runners. There are a total of 73 runners in this year’s screwed division.

His call in to home let us know that he is having a lot of problems with his hamstring and did not get off to the best start. He will continue on and see how it feels later.




The initial 12 hour check-in has been posted. With all the registered names included, there are a total of 10 runners who DNS (did not start). Check-in time is approximately every 12 hours, 7:30 pm and again at 7:30 am. As for the first check-in, Westbrook is recorded at mile 35, just past Martin. He is in 37th place, out of 60 runners, within the screwed division. On the map above, Richard is number 95.

Westbrook did call home and report that he was feeling good thus far. Someone had posted a fruit stand on the side of the road for the runners to enjoy and he had some watermelon. He had run at least 38 miles and arrived in Dresden where he continues to move along until he really needs a rest.

Vol State 12 hour check-in, Westbrook's location

Vol State 12 hour check-in, Westbrook’s location

Westbrook reported in after 10 hours or so, from Martin, TN. He was having a cheeseburger and a coke, and stated he felt ok but it was hot and humid all day. At the 12 hour time frame, competitors consist of 19 crewed (25 registered) and 61 screwed ( 72 registered). I guess several decided not to run the race, although this is a great turn-out for the screwed (unsupported) division.  This map is his official check-in with the race directors at 12 hours. He is 36 miles in, somewhere past Martin. They have him placed at 52 but that is overall, to include the crewed runners as well. I only track his placing within his screwed division, which will be in the next update.