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Posted: October 20, 2016 by coachwestbrook in Daily Runs & Reflections
OCT. 20, 2016 (THURSDAY)

I had an easy run of a little over 5 miles through the neighborhood this morning.  In that run I noticed on three separate times a changing driving behavior that is not a good thing. One of the incidents was definitely not a good thing for this runner.

It’s like this.  Drivers increasingly are stopping and STAYING at a stop sign at an intersection even when no other cars are coming…or even in sight in any direction.  It’s time to move their vehicle on down the road, but they elect to just sit there.

Why?  The drivers are using their phone, that’s why…talking, texting, or any other phone thing they can do at the time.  Meanwhile, their vehicle is sitting there when the driver should be driving to their destination.  They are not focused on their driving, electing to use their phone during this crucial activity.

Today, the first incident during my run had one car sitting at a stop sign while I approached the intersection.  I watched to see if the car was going to pull out and go left or right.  He did neither.  His fat ass just sat there with his eyes down looking at his phone.  I turned right and ran beside him to look into his car.  He never knew I was there.

The second incident was a bit more personal to my running.  Running into another neighborhood, I saw an suv pull up to an intersection of a main connector road.  I was to run straight ahead with that vehicle to my left.  Should I run in front of it?  Should I run behind it?  Should I wait?  I slowed to give the driver a chance to make his move.  He did not move.  Another car came up behind him…and waited.  I don’t know why the lady in the car behind did not lay on her horn.  Too nice, I guess.

With the car behind the idiot in the front car, I chose to cross in front of the suv.  Just as I got mid-front, the driver finally looked up from his phone and started out into the main connector road.  Of course, I was right there in front of him.  I had to stiff arm his hood with my left as I gave a slight jump to get out of his way.  This idiot then blew his horn at me.  I stopped and looked back at him as he accelerated onto the road.  The lady behind pulled up, rolled down her window and said to me, “That man should not be driving!”  And, then she asked me if I was alright.  Yep, nice lady.

Third incident about a mile later.  The driver just stopped his car in the middle of the road and used his phone.  At least he had the sense to not text and drive.  I ran past him while his thumbs danced on his phone.  When I turned at the corner, he was still there in the middle of he road.  I didn’t stop to see how long he stayed there.  It was already too long.

Driving behavior is  changing.  Runners, beware!