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With 48 hours remaining, Westbrook has accomplished 252 miles and is past Manchester. One more participant dropped out so that is a total of 34 who have quit.

I received a call from Mom while in class today about Dad. He called her to tell her something rather than her seeing it on facebook or somewhere. His latest news:

He was walking and stepped on something with his injured foot which made him jump. He landed on slick grass with his other foot and ended up falling down a 10 foot embankment. Luckily, BJ Timoner was around and laid on the road to try and pull him up. Since it was at night, EMTs noticed the light from his headlamp go off the road and downhill so they stopped. He said they basically brushed him off and he continued on…

This man! He needs a babysitter out there, lol. Monteagle is coming up and will definitely be murder on his foot! Stay tuned to see how this all turns out. Keep him in your prayers. Not sure if his drive and persistence is a good or bad thing in this case.


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