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Scott Williamson and new bride of two weeks, Margaret

Scott Williamson and new bride of two weeks, Margaret

Scott Williamson stopped by to visit.

Scott Williamson, former runner of mine, stopped by to visit.

Race course

Race course

Talmadge Bridge crossing Savannah River, seen from course

Talmadge Bridge crossing Savannah River, seen from course

The Westbrook Camp during the 24 hour race

The Westbrook Camp during the 24 hour race

The Great Savannah Endurance Challenge: 24-Hour Run

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Richard has registered and will be participating in this race. Any donations for the event are always greatly appreciated. Wish him luck, a looooong 24 hours it will be.

It is a great event with proceeds going to aid those with disabilities to help maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

For more details on the event I have included the information from the registration website


On Saturday, May 24 – 25, 2014, Run 4 a Reason is hosting the Great Savannah Endurance Challenge (#GSEC24).
The Great Savannah Endurance Challenge is following in the footsteps of Savannah’s rich car racing history. America’s very first Grand Prix was in Savannah. This event, though, will focus on long endurance running. The GSE Challenge consists of four challenging events, a 6, 12 & 24 hour individual events and, a 24 hour relay.
The race will take place entirely at the Hutchinson Island race track starting at 8:00 am on Saturday, May 24, 2014 and concluding at 8:00 am on Sunday, May 25th.
Proceeds from this event will go to the Challenged Athletes Foundation.
The Challenged Athletes Foundation is an organization that ‘provides opportunities and support for people with disabilities so that they may pursue active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics.’
The GSE Challenge will take place entirely at the Hutchinson Island race track, Savannah, Ga.
The course is USATF certified at 2.213 miles. The race track is flat and fast, and shaped like a number “1”.
The elevation of the course ranges from 8.5′ to 24′.
This being a certified course we will mark the spot where the top runners are when they reached the end of their respective timed event (6, 12 and 24 hours). That will be your official finish distance at your respective time.
The following challenges will be held:
24 hour individual – capped at 30 runners
12 hour individual – capped at 30 runners
6 hour individual – capped at 40 runners
24 hour relay (up to 6 team mates) – capped at 6 teams, 36 runners.

The male and female runners that accumulate the most mileage in their respective registered time slots of 6, 12 and 24 hours will be the outright winners of their category.
The relay team that accumulates the most mileage in 24 hours will win outright the relay port of this run.
Swag and Awards
All runners will get finishers medals if they at least run for ¾ of their registered timed event.
All registered runners will get an Amphipod hand held water bottle, model: Hydraform Handheld 20 oz.
All runners that reach or exceed 100 miles in 24 hours will get a Great Savannah Endurance Challenge belt buckle.
The male and female runner that accumulates the most mileage for their respective registered timed event will get a trophy with a customized tag detailing their name, mileage run in their registered timed event.
The relay team mates of the team that garners the most total mileage will each get a plaque with a custom tag with all of their team mates names on it and the total mileage they completed.
All registered runners will get race shirts that are color specific to their registered timed event.

Green shirt: 6 hour
Blue shirt: 12 hour
Yellow shirt: 24 hour
Red shirt: 24 hour relay”



This is a new category we have added. In order for a pair of running shoes to be inducted into the Shoe Hall of Fame, they had to have endured a minimum of 500 miles. This is far more mileage than large shoe corporations suggest for shoe termination. With each pair inducted, we will post a picture with the name of the shoe, it’s brand, and how many miles thus far they have conquered.



Brooks Glycerin 9’s – 2,692 MILES (As of 12.6.15)



Nike Free – 1,701 MILES (As of 12.6.15)



Newton Gravitas – 1,435 MILES (As of 12.6.15)



4th: Brooks Flow – 1,072 MILES (As of 12.6.15)


5th: Nike Zoom Elite+4 – 1,019 MILES (As of 12.6.15)


6th: Brooks Defyance – 996 MILES (As of 12.6.15)


7th: Brooks Infiniti (#3) – 920 MILES (As of 12.6.15)


8th: Brooks Glycerin 11 – 882 MILES (As of 12.6.15)


9th: Brooks Infiniti (#1) – 877 MILES (As of 12.6.15)


10th: Brooks Flow 2: 846 MILES (As of 12.6.15)


11th: Brooks Infiniti (#2) – 783 MILES (As of 12.6.15)


12th: Nike Kyotee – 774 MILES (As of 12.6.15)


13th: Hoka Cliftons – 748 Miles (As of 12.6.15)


14th: Nike Free – 736 MILES (As of 12.6.15)