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Westbrook has FINISHED! As he originally hoped for, but thought he would not make it, Richard beat his time from last year finishing a day earlier. Getting older and running faster. Last year his time was 6 days 4 hours 56 minutes 16 seconds and this year it was 5 days 23 hours 49 minutes 59 seconds. Way to go, Richard!

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Not only the faster time, Westbrook moved up in position and finished in a place of 8th in a division of 37 (one more dropped out at the end of day 6). Now he just has to get himself home where he will eat a whole bunch of eggs and rest. An article about the race from Richard coming soon.

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This is the final update before the finish for Westbrook. He has 279 miles behind him and was approaching Tracy City. Now only 35 miles remaining. He will not rest anymore until he is finished. As of now, Richard is maintaining 11th place in a division of 38 runners. The temperatures have cooled to around 57 degrees giving the runners a tremendous relief. Wish him luck to bring him home.

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If all goes as planned, this should be the next to last update. Richard did run through the rain as other runners stopped. He currently holds 12th place of 38 in the unsupported division. Having covered 249 miles he was approaching Manchester as of this check-in. Yayyy, only 65 miles left!

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At the end of day 5 Richard has moved into 12th place in his division at a total of 220 miles which places him past Lewisburg. There remains 38 “screwed” runners. As mentioned before in a previous update, due to high heat temps, Westbrook is running at night to remain cooler.

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Earlier this evening, the weather around Lewisburg and most of Tennessee looked pretty bad, in the red of a storm. Fortunately, now it appears to have lightened up and just consist of lighter rain all over. He will run from Lewisburg to Shelbyville, then Manchester, and on down to Georgia. If he is not drenched tonight, maybe he will run right out of the bad weather. Who knows, maybe all the rain will cool things off for everyone.

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As day 5 arrived, more runners have dropped out of the race leaving the unsupported “screwed” division at a total of 38 runners. At his initial check-in for the day, Richard is 13th place and somewhere past Culleoka having finished 193 miles.

Richard reported that he has been trying to run through the night since it is much cooler. Yesterday the temp reached a miserable 98 degrees. Searching for some much needed fuel to continue, he waited outside a local diner for them to open in the early morning. Luckily, the woman arrived an hour before opening explaining how she woke and could not return back to sleep so she just came on to open up. She began cooking early and fed Richard until he began his journey again.

Brooks Pure Flow 2 Running Shoe

Brooks Pure Flow 2 Running Shoe in Westbrook’s Color

Westbrook is running this 314 miles (500k) in his trusty old Brooks Flow II. He says he cannot say enough about those shoes. Most of the runners he has come into contact with have complained about their shoes and needed to tape up their feet in order to get by. They asked and could not believe that Westbrook has not had any foot problems what so ever. Great shoes lead to a better run.

Around 9:30-9:45 this morning Richard was taking a break and having some vanilla ice cream that he claimed to be very delicious and wants homemade vanilla ice cream when he returns home after this race. To cool off again, around 2pm today he was in Lewisburg enjoying a cherry slush. I hope it helped!

Wish him luck to get through this heat and finish the race. We will update again soon.

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PAST THE HALFWAY POINT, Richard has completed 175 miles and is approaching Columbia as of his day 4 nightly check-in. One more runner in Richard’s unsupported division dropped out today. He has moved up in his division to currently hold 10th place out of 43 runners.  Stay with us for more updates!

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Having run just past Hohenwald at 146 miles, Richard is almost halfway! At this point, the beginning of day 4, one more runner in the screwed division has dropped out. Now there are 44 runners still competing in Richard’s division. He is in 12th place along with 3 fellow runners. Go Team Westbrook!


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Richard is in Linden as of his end of the day check-in for day 3, having covered 125 miles. His position is 17th, along with 7 other runners, in the unsupported (screwed) division. There are a total of 45 runners still competing in the screwed division. Wish him luck to keep going and gaining on people!

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Between day 2 and the beginning of day 3 eight people have dropped out of the race. Six were in Richard’s screwed division and the other two had to quit due to injuries and were in the crewed division. I know it was 91 degrees here in north Georgia yesterday and today so not sure if the heat is getting to everyone or other issues are at hand.

According to his initial check-in for day 3, Richard has run 104 miles and is now past Darden. His current position is 24th of 49 division runners. Hopefully we will hear from him soon to know more personally how he is doing. Trucking along I guess…

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At the end of Day 2, upon his check-in, Richard has moved into 19th place (out of 50) in the unsupported division. There were 51 in the division but one runner quit sometime during day 2. Richard has covered 83 miles and is somewhere past Parker’s Crossroads. Wish him luck. It is HOT out there!