Running Streak



       (16,049 DAYS)  

                                                                                 (AS OF 12.5.17)


Richard Westbrook began his running streak on December 29, 1973. His streak consists of running at THE VERY LEAST one mile a day. Of course, one mile a day is practically unheard of for him. Only when he feels incredibly ill will he limit himself to just one mile. Running is his lifestyle. He runs for enjoyment, runs for challenges, runs for causes, runs to relax, runs for fitness…..he just runs.

~ Season Westbrook

  1. David Warady says:

    Couldn’t find anything better to do with your time? Seriously, nice accomplishment. Keep it going as long as it’s fun.

  2. Rebel Green says:

    cool website. The whole idea of an ultra marathon is insane. You are much tougher than I am.

  3. David Warady says:

    Richard is tougher than Superman.

  4. Jeff Dunnavant says:

    Keep it up, Coach! This is impressive. You’ve always been an inspiration to me; even more so now than when I was around you on a daily basis. It’s funny how that works.

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