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It was 11.91 miles on a great looking day in the county in Clayton of the state of Georgia.  My running is getting better after the slight injury in last few miles of the Nashville Ultra 50 Mile Race on November 7.  I thought I would never get over the sore right ankle that I managed to place into a hole in last three miles of the race.  But, I did recover…only to have a sore, tight left Achilles tendon.  It took a month to the day to recover with the right ankle and left me doing the mile-per-day recovery runs.  Then, it took me about three weeks to get over the left side being messed up.

After a gradual build-up of mileage (which is still progressing), I am feeling a lot better getting some higher mileage under my belt.  Today’s run in my Altra Paradigm 1.5’s was a good one.  My fatigue level in the runs is less.  I’m able to change the pace within the runs without crashing.  I can walk into the house when finished instead of crawling.  Progress!

Now, I’m ready to watch the GOP front runners in their debate tonight.


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Daughter, Season, and granddaughter, Braylee, finish Westbrook’s last run of his streak year with him.


Richard Westbrook has run every day (at least one mile, but usually many more) for 42 years as of December 29, 2015. No matter the weather, possible injuries or sickness, he always gets in a run sometime during the day. As of today, January 5, 2016, Westbrook maintains 7th place in the ranking of USA active running streaks.

The Longest Race

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BOOK:  THE LONGEST RACE: A Lifelong Runner, an Iconic Ultramarathon, and the Case for Human Endurance
AUTHOR: Ed Ayres
PUBLISHER/DATE:  The Experiment, LLC.  2012

This is a very good read for any runner who has been lured by long distances.  It is written by a runner who has run very long distances for a long time.  He was the founding editor and publisher of Running Times magazine.  His experience is unquestioned.

Ed Ayres, the author, focuses on the JFK 50 Mile Race which is the oldest and largest ultramarathon in the United States.  The adventure unfolds as Ayres races to break age-group record for the race at age sixty.  A brief history is given about the race’s beginnings starting with the challenge from President John F. Kennedy to the Marines in 1962.  They were challenged to cover 50 miles in a day like Marines were able to do under President Theodore Roosevelt.  Kennedy had reason to challenge because of the severe decline in fitness of the American military.  This led to the first race in 1963.  Since then, there has always been a strong military contingent running in the event.

The narrative follows Ayres from the race’s beginning in Boonesboro, Maryland, running through town and quickly entering the Appalachian Trail.  The author gives privy to his thoughts as he run along the rocky trail toward the C.O. Canal Towpath.  He lets us in on his racing strategy as he approaches certain points on the course or racing against certain opponents.

As he progresses through the race, he gives us his thoughts and views of historical landmarks such as the Civil War’s Harpers Ferry and Antietam.   This keeps the reader engaged through the reading and not bogged down with just a racing report.

A very interesting facet throughout the book is the environmental slant within the story.  It involves endurance related to man leading to the future of our society as well as the planet’s future.  You don’t get this in the usual story of an iconic event.  But Ayres gives it all to us in a well written book worthy of reading by any serious runner…especially those of us who run long.


“…what makes endurance running an adventure is that you never know what will actually happen.”

Ed Ayres









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Once again, Westbrook is registered to run the 314 mile Vol State Ultra. “It begins with a ferry ride across the Mississippi River, from Missouri to Kentucky, and finishes at “the Rock,” high atop Sand Mountain in Northeast Georgia. What lies in between are 314 miles of the great unknown.” (


The race will begin July 14, 2016 at 7:30 am. As before, Westbrook is in the “screwed” (unaided) division with the other crazy people. Wish him luck, donate on the website here if you wish, and stay with us for results as we here them.