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JUNE 7, 2015 (SUNDAY)

I ran a little over 4 miles today on the same course through the neighborhood that I ran yesterday.  This is the second day of mileage over one-mile-per-day that I’ve done since finishing the Peach State 300 on May 25, Memorial Day.  The recovery is hard.

While running today, I couldn’t help but ponder on my recovery situation…how hard it has been going.  The Peach State 300 was harder than anything I’ve run in recent memory.  Now, recovery is slow.  But, the 4-mile today was a little better than yesterday’s.  I felt more coordinated, and I ran a little faster than yesterday….snail pace yesterday…caterpillar pace today. 

I have been in a mental and physical abyss since the race.  Maybe, I’m climbing out…maybe.  My next race is the Vol-State Road Race which is 314 miles – a few miles longer than Peach State 300 – in July.  I feel that I will be ready for that one and will get through it better than the Peach State…but, in the midst of this 4-mile, I just don’t know.