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LAVS race course 2021
Fresh off the ferry. (Photo credit to Sandra Cantrell)

At 0730 on Thursday morning the Last Annual Vol State Road Race began immediately as the runners stepped of the ferry. The grueling 314 miles (500K) has to completed within 10 days time. The runners fall into 2 different divisions, crewed and screwed. Crewed runners have a crew riding along to lend support. Screwed runners have only what they carry along with them as they run. Richard Westbrook is, as always, in the screwed division.

24 hours into the race, Westbrook has completed 48 miles, reaching Gleason. He has reported that he is wearing “newish” shoes and his feet are bothering him. Hopefully, this discomfort disappears as he continues. He ran to a car lot and rested under a tent where the rain still found him. He did see an old car he hoped would be unlocked. The Impala was open so he crawled into the back seat and slept. Good to know he wasn’t found and arrested.

This is just the beginning, so stay with us to learn more about the misadventures of a veteran ultra runner.

~ Season

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