Posted: July 12, 2021 by smrtnsasy in Uncategorized
Westbrook coming in under “Stinky Bridge.” (Photo credit to Carl Laniak)

Today’s update has Westbrook past Hohenwald with 146 miles. He called last night and when I asked how he was he replied, “not good.” He said he was leaning to the side again as he has in past ultra races. He gets to where he can no longer stand up straight and leans to the left, as though he has very bad muscle cramping and tightness. He usually has to walk with a stick of some sort to help hold him up. I told him to start looking for one. He did get a room for the night in order to stretch out and hopefully get food. He had not eaten since yesterday morning and knew coming into Hohenwald, there would be nowhere open to eat. Hopefully he was able to find a meal rather than a bunch of junk from the vending machine.

Up to date number of those who have quit has reached 23 total. Westbrook holds 57th place, close to halfway to the finish. I hate that he is already hurting. I hoped this would not come until later, if at all.

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