Posted: July 15, 2021 by smrtnsasy in Race Reports

Over halfway now, only 100 miles to go, Westbrook has 214 miles behind him and is past Wheel. 28 runners have quit with Richard in 61st place overall. He is the second eldest in the race, tied with another male, both 74 years old. There are 3 others ages 72 and 73, behind Richard, with one of them having already dropped out of the race.

A couple of photos below of different places along the course where “Road Angels” have put out supplies to help the runners

“New sign is up. Coolers have water, coke & mt. dew. Tote has peanut & crackers, chips, hard candy, and jerky.” (Photo credit to Patricia Street)
“At THE 505 (505 E Main, Hohenwald) On the hill after the car wash. Water (frozen and/or cold in the kitchen), restrooms beside that, and an air conditioned lobby to chill are all available to anyone running the race!” ( Photo credit to Manda Rose Curtis)

More updates to follow!!!

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