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LAVS 2016 – DAY 7 AND 1/2 UPDATE

Out on the road with very little sleep, extreme heat, running along with one foot as practically an entire blister, and covering 276 miles, Westbrook is hallucinating. He tried to say hello to a girl with a dog in a yard just to realize that neither is actually there. His explanation, “It’s funny what the mind does to you out here.”

Westbrook is in Tracy City, Tennessee about to find something to eat. He has 38 miles remaining. He is still 29th of 43 screwed (unsupported) runners to struggle along. His goal: to finish!

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I have to apologize for the delayed posting. I was having difficulties with my iPad not showing the current update this morning and had to wait until I had access to a laptop. So, here it is.

Westbrook’s entire right foot is almost completely blistered. He runs a bit, screams, and walks on. Ughhh. I feel for him. A blistered, tender, sore foot and this heat makes for an extremely miserable time. Not to mention having to run up Sand Mountain at the very end. What a way to end a lengthy, hellacious road race.

Having 266 miles behind him and approaching Pelham, Westbrook has 48 miles remaining. He is holding 29th out of 43 runners. Way to go! Hang in there. Not too much further.


LAVS 2016 – DAY 6 AND 1/2 UPDATE

Westbrook is at mile 250 in Manchester, Tennessee. 64 miles to go! It is 104 degrees with no shade around. He is hanging in there, trying to make it to the finish. Right now, Westbrook is 29th out of 43 screwed runners. Hopefully no more blisters or other major problems. Bring it on home!



Westbrook reported in for this update, however, they did not record his location on the map. He is between numbers 87 and 70. At check-in time, 7:30 this morning, he was at mile 236 just past Wartrace, Tennessee. Another screwed runner dropped out leaving 43 on the road. Westbrook is 27th in that group.

Sometime after this morning’s update, Westbrook called home to check-in as well. No more news on how he is feeling, very tired and a bit delirious I believe. He did report being at mile 239 approaching US 41 where he takes a right to head into Manchester, Tennessee. Last year, Manchester was where he ran into all of his problems. Let us see how it goes this year! Wish him luck!


LAVS 2016 – DAY 5 AND 1/2 UPDATE

At some point in the race, a man was yelling for Vol Staters to come to his fruit stand by the side of the road. Westbrook walked over and said no to every drink the man offered until he mentioned a Yoo-Hoo. Now the man was speaking his language. He also got the best sleep he has had since before the race, last night. He happened into a  place with a couch and took that opportune moment to rest. For dinner this evening Westbrook had a yummy burger to fuel him forward. This all sounds great, right?

Well, now the bad news. Aside from the sweltering heat without reprieve, Westbrook has a badly blistered foot. His right foot has blisters on the ball of his foot and underneath his toes. Ouch! He has another blister on his heel but that one is not bothersome. He had to remove his sock and grease up his foot to continue running, or rather, hobbling along. He is running with a sock and shoe on his left foot and just a shoe on his right foot.

Out of the remaining 44 screwed runners, Westbrook is holding 29th place. He has 222 miles behind him and is approaching Shelbyville. Thus far 19 runners have quit the grueling race. In that 19, 13 were screwed and 9 crewed. May the remaining competitors drag themselves to the finish.



Westbrook is now 26th place with 208 miles in, just past Lewisburg, Tennessee. In Lewisburg the current temperature is 91 degrees but with the humidity it feels like 104 degrees. Oh, God bless! Stay hydrated, runners, and seek shade whenever and wherever you can find it!

Westbrook says he feels terrible and it is incredibly hot out there. He and another runner just finished eating. He is coming into Shelbyville, Tennesee and says the rest of the way is wide open and will be HOT! The runners are all suffering.

LAVS 2016 - DAY 4 AND 1/2 UPDATE

LAVS 2016 – DAY 4 AND 1/2 UPDATE

Four and a half days into the race and one more screwed runner has quit. Another runner who is crewed is with the police in Lewisburg, in order to give her IV fluids. Further reports from the Last Annual Vol State page:

“i am not sure when there will be another comprehensive update.
andrew will finish later today,
and then we have a sizeable gap
(probably 6 or 7 hours)
until the parade at the rock begins.

82 started.
2 have finished, about to be 3.
17 have quit
1 is in police custody.

everyone is hurt now.
they are all trying to marshall their remaining resources,
to drag themselves the rest of the way to the rock.

just before noon here in kimball.
the heat index has hit 105
aiming to top 110…
the thunderstorms yesterday afternoon dumped a lot of water on the ground,
which is now all steaming back up into the sky,
so we can have another lighting and rain show this afternoon.
lovely weather pattern for the runners on the road.

don’t you you wish you were out there with them?”

and “columbia is already at 110
lewisburg is a brisk 107
shelbyville is a mere 109
manchester is leading at 111.

this is where the bulk of the field is passing thru today

pretty sure there is a heat advisory out today.
someone ought to tell the runners,
just in case they dont notice.

the 105 here…
whoops, it just moved to 106…”

Westbrook is hanging in there. He has finished 197 miles and is past Culleoka, Tennessee. For this update he is in 24th place within the screwed division.